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Harold Stephens in the JungleBiographies, short stories, travel and adventure books set in Southeast Asia and the South Pacific by writer extraordinaire, Harold Stephens, who has explored the South Pacific and Southeast Asia for forty years, writing 24 books about his exciting experiences and about those of others he has met.

The South Pacific and Southeast Asia travel and adventure is brought to you by Harold Stephens who has searched for Lost Cities of Southeast Asia, hunted for sunken treasures in Southeast Asia waters including locating Battleship HMS Repulse, fought Pirates of Southeast Asia and the South Pacific, tracked Southeast Asian Big Foot, explored forgotten Caves of Southeast Asia, drove Around the World in a Jeep, bought Yachting to Southeast Asia aboard Schooner Third Sea that he sailed in the search for World War II Wrecks.

Harold Stephens brings us his accounts of adventure travel and exploration in 24 Southeast Asian adventure books and some 4,000 newspaper and magazine articles from Washington Post to Bangkok Post.

Themes include novels, adventure books and adventure stories about Expats in Southeast Asia, Plight of White Russians in China, Junk Travel in Asia, searching Khmer Ruins in Southeast Asia including Angkor Wat, Saving Asian wildlife. He also writes about Lost Art of Southeast Asia and Expat painters of Southeast Asia, Negritos of Southeast Asia, and Unsolved Mysteries of Southeast Asia that include Solving the Jim Thompson Mystery to what became of Queen Emma of the South Seas. You can even Train Travel Southeast Asia with him, 4WD Across the Australian Outback and go Exploring Southeast Asia Wild Rivers. And read about The Asian Woman and Asian Beauty.