Our World through the Writings of Harold Stephens

Harold Stephens has been accused of looking at the world solely through "rose-colored" glasses. His response is that there is enough ugliness in the world not to dwell upon it. "I travel to look for beauty," he writes. "And I can find beauty most everywhere, even in the Hutongs of Beijing or with the improvised sea gypsies of the Sulu Sea. We have one world, and it is ours to enjoy in the manner we so choose."

In addition to the many books he has written, Stephens has written many thousands of magazine and newspaper stories over the years. He will add to this list when readers request information.

Outlook, Bangkok Post

  • Getting Into the Spirit(s) of Travel
  • A Night on the Chao Phraya River
  • Yachting Comes to Asia
  • Travels with a Jungle Man
  • Ordeal on a Cross
  • Strange Disappearance of Jim Thompson
  • Cave Exploring in Southeast Asia
  • On the Trail of the Elusive Wild Rhino
  • Who Needs a Tax in Asia?
  • The Myth of Theo Meier
  • The Mysterious Orient
  • Tips on Biking in Asia
  • Climbing Mt. Kinabalu, Southeast Asia Highest Mountain
  • The Search for Khmer Ruins in Southeast Asia
  • Thai Massage at Wat Po
  • Living in Asia
  • Bangkok to Singapore by Train
  • The Death of Tristan Jones
  • Living with Monsoons
  • Fishing the Wild River of Southeast Asia
  • A Ticket to Ride Aboard a Chinese Junk
  • Boozing it up in Southeast Asia
  • Adventure Travel in Asia and the Pacific
  • Ban Chiang, Rewriting History
  • Cave Paintings Found
  • A Mark of Beauty, Different than in the West
  • Thailand's Royal Barge Procession

Sunday Magazine, Bangkok Post

  • There's an Ape Living Aboard
  • A Fortune Waiting in World War II Wrecks
  • Why Can't a Woman Be Like a Man?
  • Found, the HMS Repulse, Britain's Mighty Battleship
  • The Millionaire Australian Aborigine painter
  • Seven Days in Bhutan
  • Could You Fight a Duel?
  • The Loners (around the world yachtsmen)
  • Where are you, Fletcher Christian?
  • Pirates, They Are Back
  • The Other Christmas Island
  • Getting High on Bali
  • Search for Lost Art on Bali
  • When They Called Jakarta Batavia
  • Return to Corregidor
  • The Real Indian Jones
  • Trading Husbands in the Trobians
  • Nanjing Road, The World's Longest Shopping Street
  • Will the Real Miss Universe Stand Up?
  • World's Most Famous Hotel, The Oriental in Bangkok

Washington Post, Washington, D.C.

  • Down at Sank Roo do Nou (Harry's Bar in Paris)
  • Through the paper Curtain to Panama
  • In the Wild West Down Under
  • What they speak in New Zealand

Travel & Leisure, New York

  • The Best of Bangkok

New York Times

  • Two Faces of Bangkok

Compass, Pacific Area Travel

  • Fun and Games at the Tahitian Fete
  • Did the Polynesians Come From Southeast Asia?
  • James Michener's People in the Pacific

Fah Thai, Bangkok Air Inflight Magazine

  • Ko Samui Before Tourists
  • More than a Terra Cotta Army in X-An
  • Through Dragon Teeth Gate

Look East, Bangkok

  • Back to Nature
  • Joseph Conrad in Bangkok
  • Tall Ships on the River of Kings

Perspective, Bangkok Post

  • The Day the Japanese Bombed California
  • Spy Plane Down
  • Water Everywhere, and None to Drink

Silver Kris, Singapore Airlines

  • What Seven Wonders of the Worlds Do You Mean?
  • Around the World in a Jeep
  • Queen Emma of the South Sea

Thailand Tatler

  • Asia as Seen in Old Print and Map
  • The Other House Jim Thompson Built
  • The Mighty Chao Phraya River

Thailand Time Out

  • How Not to Build a Boat
  • Selling Christmas to Asians
  • Confessions of a Travel Writer

Traveler, Asia

  • Does Southeast Asia have a Big Foot?
  • Old Lighthouses of Asia
  • Motoring in Southeast Asia

Where, Bangkok

  • Following the Death Railway to Three Pagodas Pass
  • He House that Ho Chi Minh