Andreas Stepanavich: The Men and Women of a Forgotten Generation

Harold Stephens
Publication Date: 
June, 2017
List Price: 
462 pages

No doubt our 20th Century is the most remarkable in human history, unparalleled for its rate of technological advances and scientific creations. What makes this 20th Century so extraordinary is that it began in the horse-and-buggy age, and, before the century was out, put man on the moon.

In this age of technology, we all want the credit, the praise, the glory, but least we forget, our fathers and our fathers’ fathers were the real inventors, the real creators.

They fought the First War, reveled in the Roaring Twenties, landed in a depression, picked themselves up by the bootstraps, only to find themselves in World War ll. That didn’t stop them.

Still, always inventing, always discovering, always developing.

These were the searching minds that opened up this whole new world that led to a technology, a technology without bounds, to which there is no end. Who were they? Not university trained, not scientists, they were an immigrant society, workers, laborers, inventors, thinkers, all who wanted a better world.

This is the biography of that century, the forgotten century, as seen through the eyes of one man–Andreas Stepanavich.