Tales from the Pacific Rim

Harold Stephens
Publication Date: 
May, 2007
List Price: 
243 Pages

You have read and enjoyed books by Harold Stephens, and now Wolfenden Publishers is proud to announce the publication of another book by Stephens -- TALES FROM THE PACIFIC RIM. Although this collection of short stories is fiction, Stephens felt he could better tell the truth about the social habits and traditions of the people of the Pacific Rim, from Tahiti across the vast Pacific to Southeast Asia. What happens when a man wants to buy an Asian wife or when an American woman wants to impose her ideas of liberation on an Asian woman? Educate an Asian servant girl and what are the results? What are the consequences when a top gun fighter pilot changes his mind about the war in Vietnam? Can a schoolteacher impose foreign concepts on kids of a different faith, and can a beachcomber find true love in Tahiti?

The answers to these questions and others can be found in this compelling book of short stories by an author who has lived most of his adult life in Asia and the Pacific.

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