The Voyages of Schooner Third Sea

Harold Stephens
Publication Date: 
August, 2012
391 pages with 131 photographs

The Voyages of Schooner Third Sea, by Harold Stephens­–this a book you must read, 390 pages with 131 photographs and packed with adventure, exploring forgotten islands in the South Seas, sailing up wild rivers of the East, searching for battle sites of World War II, diving on sunken wrecks, fighting off pirates and more. It’s the story of one man who had the dream of doing all these things, and did then. He built his own boat, but not any boat—a schooner. He did it with little money but with a dream he made come true. Now you can read how he got his schooner and for twenty years searched for the rainbow’s end.

But this is not a book about one man’s achievements; it’s about adventure and sailing the high seas.

You sail to Tahiti and the Marquesas, Samoa and Hawaii and all the forgotten islands from Vanuatu to Papua New Guinea. You sail up the Chao Phraya River to majestic Bangkok and cruise the historical Strait of Malacca to Penang and Phuket in southern Thailand. But there’s more. You dive on the British HMS Repulse sunk off the Malay coast by Japanese dive bombers, and you search for President Kennedy’s PT-109, cut in two by a Japanese destroyer in the Solomons. You trade for pearls at Tongareva in the Cook Islands and rescue a hermit living on an atoll in the Line Islands.

You meet solo sailors like Bernard Moitessier, Tristan Jones and Ed Boden and trading boat skippers and even pirate chieftains. In fact, you will fight off pirates in remote eastern Indonesia. But more than anything you learn about the sea, the phases of the moon, the currents, the Trade Winds and about the world we live in.

Aboard the author’s Schooner Third Sea you learn to live life to it’s fullest. And you learn that dreams are possible.

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